Waev Data Process

Tokenized Data Sharing

You tokenize credit card data, why not consumer data?

Data is always encrypted, both in motion and at rest, and stored in decentralized vaults with enduring historical records of every share transaction. In the same way that credit card data is now tokenized, Waev tokenizes your consumer data to keep it secure. Data can be shared directly with partners via keys, instead of sending unencrypted data and risking data breaches.

Permanent Record of Consent

Are you sure your team won't share data with the wrong party?

Immutable records are stored on the blockchain with consumers' opt-in consent and privacy preferences. Smart contracts, programs created to execute during a transaction on the blockchain, enforce regulations and preferences when data is shared with third parties. As data privacy regulations change, we update our smart contracts to help keep you compliant.

Ethical Data Monetization

What's your plan when 3rd party cookies go away?

Productize your data and gain access to exclusive high-value marketing channels by partnering with other ethical marketers through Data Unions. Our advanced handling of PII and contextual data enables new marketing capabilities that usually require a data scientist. Stop relying on 3rd party cookies and start building 1st party data marketing partnerships that drive real results.

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