PII. GDPR. CCPA. CDPA. NPI. PHI. The list goes on.


These are just a few of the acronyms that dictate how to handle sensitive data. Organizations devote significant resources to properly managing sensitive data so they remain compliant with regulations and public expectations, an absolute necessity in today’s world. Even with devoted resources, trust management isn’t always an easy or straightforward process, but with Waev’s data protocol, it can be.  

Waev’s data protocol uses the latest in blockchain, encryption, and Web3 technology to properly manage regulated data and facilitate trust management. Waev offers a streamlined, transparent data process, primed to respond quickly as compliance and security needs evolve. We understand that every industry has specific data privacy needs, and we’ve designed our solution to meet them. 

Record-Level Key Encryption

In the same way credit card numbers are individually encrypted when stored, Waev encrypts each individual record stored on our network. This means you control who can access your data at the record level when necessary. Instead of building queries, creating files, or granting database access, you can share direct access to individual or groups of records via Waev. Whether you’re sharing data internally or externally with a third party, Waev enables you to share exactly the right data with the right parties in the simplest way, every time.  


Immutable Data Chain of Custody

Although always encrypted, you can see exactly where your data resides and what has been done to it at every point in its lifespan. Unlike a traditional database, it’s not possible for data changes or movement to occur without a tamper-proof record of that transaction. Records on the blockchain and every transaction are stored immutably. Each record can be traced back to its point of origin making the entire data chain of custody fully auditable.


Effortless Compliance

Data privacy regulations and industry needs are ever-evolving. When changes occur, the systems managing data need to change, too, and quickly. In a traditional data warehousing solution, this process can be cumbersome. It often requires updates in multiple locations or a lengthy development cycle. Waev’s data protocol simplifies this. Waev uses smart contracts, programs stored on the blockchain, to automatically enforce privacy requirements and regulations. Waev keeps these smart contracts aligned with the latest industry regulations to help you stay effortlessly compliant. 


Every acronym. Any industry. Waev has you covered. Reach out to us for a free demo today!