Waev is excited to announce the launch of our Beta program – enabling businesses to unlock the full value of their first-party data. Waev is on a mission to break down data silos, enable ethical data sharing with business partners, and provide access to high-quality, relevant marketing audiences. Best of all, Waev’s tech

We’ve launched our Beta program so you can experience Waev’s technology with no cost, no commitments, and minimal effort. The program has limited availability and will only be accepting participants during the month of November. The first step is to schedule a free data consultation where we’ll learn about your business, show you a demo, determine if you’re a fit for the Beta, and identify an easy, no-risk way for you to start using Waev. Even if you decide to not move forward with joining the Beta, we’ll give you priority access to our highly anticipated Data Marketplace to thank you for your time*.

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Waev runs in parallel to existing processes.  It is a value-add service, meaning it does not require data migrations or replacing existing technology. This allows your business to adopt a new way of using data – one without data silos, manual processes, endless meetings regarding data use, and unsecure data distribution – without completely overhauling your current data processes.  Waev enables you to work with encrypted data that is governed by automated controls to enforce data privacy practices and shared in a way that is secure and traceable.



Waev uses a distributed ledger (blockchain) to store the data usage consents your business is already collecting. These could be things like opt-in to marketing preferences or consent to use data that are included in your terms and conditions. The data is streamed to Waev in real-time and we verify its source to establish data provenance. From there, we individually encrypt each record and store that data off-chain, reducing the risk of data breaches. What goes on the blockchain is an anonymized transaction declaring the data consents and providing immutable proof that your business has the rights to use that data. Once that’s established, the data can only be reconstituted to a meaningful form by someone that matches the data consents stored on-chain.

Data processed by Waev’s network can also be used in our ethical, fair-trade Data Marketplace that allows businesses to collaboratively share data. Given that the data has already been anonymized and attached to proof-of-consent, it opens up numerous hassle-free ways to collaborate with new and existing business partners. Possibilities range from real-time data sharing based on opt-in preferences, to creating co-owned data sets, to rewarding customers for opting-in to data sharing.


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*Beta Program Terms: Free services limited initial pilot/proof-of-concept only and limited to 100K records. Larger engagements are possible in the Beta but may be subject to additional fees. Free pilots are limited to data ingest methods we currently support and we may offer customization for an additional fee. The Data Marketplace launch will be invite-only, and priority access will ensure you are included in the first round of invitations to participate.